Sheffield locals stand together one year after Orgreave inquiries were halted

31 October 2017

Campaigners are holding a rally in the city centre tonight, about the lack of an inquiry into police actions at the Battle of Orgreave.

The demonstration coincides with the one year anniversary of Home Secretary Amber Rudd stating that there would be no investigation by the current Conservative Government into police behaviour on the day.

Craig Mansell, a miner arrested at Orgreave said: “A year ago Amber Rudd and the Conservative Government shamefully chose not to opt for Truth and Justice in relation to Orgreave. What have this Government got to hide and why are they covering up for the wrongdoings of the past?”

In June 1984, just seven miles from the city centre, 95 miners were arrested and many were injured during scenes of violence at Orgreave coking plant.

The trials later collapsed due to unreliable police evidence yet neither the police or the government admitted liability for wrongful arrest or malicious prosecutions.

The aim of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign is to hold the officers who were there on that day accountable. Though Barbara Jackson, Secretary of OTJC said, “The arduous task is trying to obtain information. The fact many papers relating to Orgreave are not due for release until 2066, makes a mockery of our judicial system suggesting the police and government can behave with impunity”.

The OTJC encourages supporters to, “…come along and join the call for Justice and help rid ourselves of this Terrifying Government.”

Tonight’s rally is open to everyone; with music, entertainment and political speeches from a variety of justice campaigns.

Celebrations begin on Devonshire Green at 5:30pm and end at Sheffield Law Courts.

Written by Nathan Makalena

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