Sheffield visitor stabbed on a night out

A 19-year-old has spoken of his shock after he was stabbed in an unprovoked attack as he was defending a young woman who was being groped outside a Sheffield city centre bar.

Max Hishon, from Hampshire, was visiting Sheffield to celebrate a friend’s birthday when he was stabbed outside the Player’s Bar in West Street on Thursday evening.

The incident, comes at a time of increasing concern over knife crime in the city. There have been numerous incidents over recent weeks including seven people stabbed in a series of attacks in a single weekend.

Mr Hishon and his friend went to West Street on a night out and a girl who was out with Mr Hishon was groped by a man. She confronted the man and he responded by pushing her over.
Mr Hishon said, “I saw the incident and I went over to carry her away. It really annoyed me seeing him do that to her and I told him you shouldn’t treat girls like that.”

“It’s all a bit of a blur but he suddenly grabbed me by the neck, threw me to the floor and bolted away. I was in a state of shock.”

Unaware he had been stabbed, the pair got into a taxi to go home.

“I thought I was sweating loads so I put my hand up my t-shirt and when I took it out it was covered in blood. I reached up and there was a deep wound about the size of my finger. I told the girl I was with; I think I’ve been stabbed.”

Mr Hishon called an ambulance. Police came to the area and Mr Hishon was taken to hospital. He received two stiches to a wound underneath his arm.

Police are investigating the incident but Mr Hishon said: “I just want to forget about it and move on to be honest. It has made me think twice about nights out and I’m definitely a lot warier now. You just don’t expect people to be carrying around knives.”

Mr Hishon’s top after stabbing

Between April 2016 and March 2017 there were 74,976 crimes reported in Sheffield. 10,038 violent crimes were reported – about 13% of total crime. In 2017, the months of January, February and March saw 20,198 crimes committed. In 2016, the figure for those three months was 17,740.

In the most recent analysis of police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy (PEEL), the South Yorkshire Police were found to require improvement in all three assessment divisions: the effectiveness, legitimacy and efficiency of the ways they keep people safe and reduce crime.

However, HMIC also believe South Yorkshire Police’s approach to tackling serious and organised crime is good, and they prioritise and tackle organised crime effectively. It was also found that they have effective processes for gathering intelligence and mapping crime groups, as well as good methods for preventing people from becoming involved in crime.

Despite this, The University of Sheffield website states, ‘Sheffield is safer than other big cities – the UK Peace Index 2013, a study using Home Office data, found Sheffield to be England’s safest major city. It’s an easy-going and tolerant place to live’.


Mr Hishon’s stab wounds after stitches


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