Sophie Evans: “West Street Live knew what Jared O’Mara was like”

A woman who claims she was the victim of Jared O’Mara’s sexist and transphobic abuse says the city centre club, where the Sheffield Hallam MP used to DJ, knew of his problematic behaviour.

Sophie Evans blew the lid on Jared O’Mara’s alleged sexism after she appeared on BBC Two’s Daily Politics programme describing his abusive language.

The bar worker alleges the ex-West Street Live Dj called her an “ugly bitch” amongst other transphobic slurs at the club in March of this year, but says she feels happy “people are finally realising his true character”.

She told Shefnews: “Jared O’Mara hasn’t changed, I believe he has many “characters” he showed his true colours that night, and it seems he has form.”

“I think West Street Live absolutely new about what he was like, the incident with Liz Aspden (who claims Mr O Mara got her chucked by WSL bouncers leaving her with a black eye) happened half an hour before he verbally abused me and I wasn’t involved at the time.”

“I think his apology is a cheap attempt to save his own skin and save face, the right thing for him to do would be to stop causing himself and the party anymore embarrassment and resign.”

Jared O’Mara denies these allegations.

A Sheffield University student also claims to have suffered transphobic abuse at the club on West Street.

Zac Snape, a transman, said he was followed into the WSL toilets by a man who told him that he was a woman and that he needed to leave.

But the club insisted today that it had zero tolerance towards transphobic abuse inside its premises.

Zac Snape, 22, said: “West Street Live is the only place I’ve felt threatened as a trans person.”

“I remember being concerned he was about to touch me or expose me to “check” or attack me. ”

“I quickly left the toilets and re-joined my friends, but for the rest of the time we were there the guy was stood in front of the toilets as if to block me from going in again.”

The Sheffield University student says he suffered a panic attack outside the club a few weeks ago, as he was too anxious to go in after his experience.

There have been further allegations of sexual harassment by other politicians after Parliament ignored four assault allegations made by a woman working for an MP.

Liz Saville Roberts MP revealed this injustice on Monday during a debate in which she demanded action needed to be taken.

A spokesperson for LGBT Sheffield, a charity which supports members of the LGBT community, said:

“We feel the Labour Party should take action as soon as possible to carry out disciplinary action, we have called on Mr O’Mara to resign and to allow a new MP to represent all the people of Hallam Constituency.”

“At all levels of society people should learn acceptance of all people no matter, age, colour, sexuality.”

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