Children’s ambulances in Sheffield given a colourful makeover

2 November 2017

Ambulances in Sheffield have been given a fresh makeover to make trips to the hospital more pleasant for seriously ill children and infants.

The project was commissioned by the arts charity Artfelt to spruce up the ambulances for a local specialist transport service. The new designs feature illustrations of two-dimensional animals and monsters which have been placed inside the vehicles.

The design studio responsible for the makeover, Tado, had many factors to consider when coming up with the illustrations. These included the appeal to children of varying ages, as well as keeping them fairly simple.

Artfelt is a charity that’s specific to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, designed to improve the experience of being in hospital for young patients.  This project follows the decoration of children hospital bedrooms on one wing earlier this year inspired by Morag Myerscough’s patterns.

In addition to this, Tado have contributed to a £40 million redevelopment of Sheffield Children’s Hospital in which they have designed a moving installation of wooden characters to be shown in the reception area.

Much research has been conducted into the benefits of graphic design to mental health and physical well being. The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) found that engagement with art has extremely positive effects on mental health.




Written by Lauren Davidson

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