Dark Nights campaign relaunched due to police fears about bonfire night

2 November 2017

South Yorkshire police have re-launched their Dark Nights campaign, to help protect the people of Sheffield during the Halloween and Bonfire season.

Police officers have talked to local communities highlighting the dangers caused by fires and the use of fireworks.

In addition to this, they will be carrying out extra patrols, and using the hard-hitting ‘Connor’s Story’ arson campaign images and posters to prevent young people of Sheffield from acting irresponsibly.

Their campaign also includes the distribution of ‘No Trick or Treaters Here’ flyers, while some officers will take part in community activities such as lantern parades this coming week.

Three quarters of all the fires the police attend to are said to be started deliberately, so they are advising locals to attend organised displays to prevent putting people in real danger.

South Yorkshire police are also concerned about preventing deliberate attacks caused by fireworks which has seen an increase. Last year, a group of yobs hurled fireworks at police officers in Broomhall, who were stopping people from selling fireworks illegally.They were targeted, and when their colleagues arrived to help, they were attacked too.

Police have said they will do everything they can to prevent harm in South Yorkshire over the bonfire night weekend, but many Sheffield residents are still worried.

Catherine Wright, a Sheffield mother of two said: “My family doesn’t celebrate bonfire night. I’m too protective over my kids. You hear about all sorts of dangers related to fireworks, and I’m just not willing to put my boys at risk for the sake of letting off a few sparklers.”

Charlie Walters, a student from The University of Sheffield said: “When I was a kid, I saw these lads throw fireworks down the street towards this old lady. They didn’t hit her, but they could have done. More needs to be done to prevent idiots fooling around with them because they’re so dangerous, so if police are promising to do more this year, that’s great but they have got a big job on their hands.”


Written by Laura Bolshaw

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