Furry four-legged friends bring happiness to residents of Sheffield Care Home in visit

2 November 2017

There were smiles all round, from residents, staff and handlers during an animal therapy session at The Laurels and The Limes care home.

Goats, guinea pigs and rabbits from Heeley City Farm were brought to the home where they were left to roam and graze in the care home’s garden.
Residents also enjoyed holding and stroking them during the session.

Louise Spooner, home manager of the care home said: “It was a lovely sunny day, so everyone went outside to meet the animals. Animal therapy sessions are very calming for residents with dementia, as they allow them to reminisce about old pets and past farm visits.”

The care home on Manchester Road has held many animal therapy sessions and have received a great response from them.

They offer wide-ranging benefits including helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and also help people cope with health problems or mental disorders.

Heeley City Farm is a friendly farm and environmental visitor centre. For Further information visit: www.heeleyfarm.org.uk

Written by Harriet Evans

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