Trams have stopped running after a man fell ill on Sheffield tram

2 November 2017

By Tolani Idris

Supertram has announced this afternoon that trams are not running between Sheffield Cathedral and the University of Sheffield.

Trams departing from Halfway have been terminating at Castle Square instead.

A Stage Coach South Yorkshire representative said: “This is a precaution measure in the interest of safety after a man fell seriously ill while on the tram at West Street.”

Stagecoach Supertram tweeted: “One of our passengers was taken ill and we had to wait for medical assistance. Apologies if you were affected.”

Other tram services have also been affected. Trams to Halfway and Meadowhall have been delayed by up to 30 minutes.

The University of Sheffield tram stop is busier than usual as a result of the delays and trams are overcrowded.

Written by Diana Read

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