Fire services issue safety warning ahead of bonfire night

3 November 2017

By Courtney Carr

As Bonfire night approaches, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service is pleading for the public to attend public displays for safety.

Trevor Bernard, head of community safety, said: “The best way to enjoy bonfire night is to attend an organised display. The bonfires are bigger, the fireworks are better and they are a lot safer.”

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue are extremely busy during the fireworks period.

Just under a week ago, police officers found fireworks and a knuckleduster discarded on the street by youngsters being chased in the Parson cross area of Sheffield.

However, the Fire service has  stated that the number of call outs they receive, for small and deliberate fires on November 5th, has reduced steadily.

Any waste that could be used to light illegal bonfires has been removed by officers and the service is working with local trading standards to stop illegal fireworks being sold.

Furthermore, young people are being encouraged to attend the free activities being put on during this firework period.

Fire service managers believe that by continuing to work with partnering agencies to educate young people and reduce call outs, the public will stay safe.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s top safety tips are to:

  • Attend organised public displays
  • If you are to hold your own – only buy fireworks from reputable retailers and never from anyone on the street
  • Any bonfires lit should be far from fences, sheds, bushes and trees

Written by Will Bond

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