Social Science festival hits Sheffield for 15th year

7 November 2017

The Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science will welcome academics from both University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

In its 15th year the festival will bring a host of debates, lectures and events to residents interested in social sciences which started yesterday.

Academics will have their chance to share their personal knowledge with attendees during the events scheduled.

Last night’s event included a public discussion at the Crucible Theatre about the effect of Brexit on EU nationals legal, family and work rights led by Dr Hannah Lewis.

Tonight’s event is a ‘Celebration of the Human mind’ with co-founder of Touretteshero Joss Thom, she will deliver a keynote speech at the Creative Lounge in The Showroom Workstation from 6pm Tuesday.

There is also a ‘VR Experience’ which details the origins of five major cities such as Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Manhatten and Edinburgh in virtual reality. The public can catch the demonstration 12pm-5pm on Friday 10 November and 11am-3pm on Saturday 11 November at the Winter Garden.

Professor Craig Watkins, Vice President and Head of the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Sheffield, said:

“Social science research makes a huge difference to our lives, our work has influenced the cities we live in, our health and wellbeing, and the economy. The Festival of Social Science is a great opportunity for people to learn more about how innovative social science is tackling the issues that individuals and societies face today through exciting and immersive events.”

The event started last night and will run until Saturday 11th November.

Written by Josh Taylor

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