Fast Art Takeaway to raise money for homeless people in Sheffield.

9 November 2017

A Sheffield artist has opened a fast food art exhibition using recycled materials to tackle the growing problem of waste disposal as well as raising money for homeless people.

Richard Bolam launched Rick’s Fast Art takeaway as part of the Making Ways project which aims to showcase ad celebrate contemporary visual art made in Sheffield.

Mr Bolam said: “My inspiration for the takeaway theme was in response to waste disposal . Waste is a problem that has never been addressed and it is even a bigger problem today”.

The shop which is located at the craft units, serves favourite fast food dishes such as pizza, a full English breakfast and fish and chips all made from rubbish. Customers are invited to buy ready-made meals or have their food freshly made, with all donations going to the Sheffield Archer Project.


This exhibit follows an art supermarket project with bar-coded and priced groceries created from used resources to raise funds for charity.

As well as fast food, Mr Bolam has used his project to satirise serious art pieces by replicating them with recycled resources to reinforce his views of reducing waste in the environment.

He has recreated Damien Hirst’s butterflies assemble, using newspaper and food packets to make origami butterflies. Mr Bolam said: “People are destroying things to make art when you can just use the resources around us to make art”.

The next event held in the shop will be on Saturday where people will make origami poppies to make a wreath for Armistice Day.


Written by Hannah Boakye

A journalism student at the Univeristy of Sheffield.

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