New Sheffield gin bar opening tonight 

10 November 2017

A new gin bar is opening tonight on Abbeydale Road.

The Gin Bar will replace Vintedge, a successful vintage store that sold furniture, home-ware and more.

However, the store has not been sold but simply transformed.

Sally Mastin had been running Vintedge successfully for five years but said she now wanted a change.

Speaking to The Star back in October, she said: “We turned the shop into a gin bar a while ago after we bought a gin wagon.

“We’ve always been big gin drinkers and the success of the wagon just convinced us to go for it.”

The new bar will serve more than 50 different gins and also feature a gin-inspired cocktail menu to a capacity of about 60.

A new wine bar also looks on its way to Abbeydale Road after being submitted for approval by the council.

Gin has been becoming increasingly popular in the UK in recent years, so much so that in March the Office for National Statistics reintroduced it after 13 years to its ‘basket of goods’ – a list of household goods used to measure the rate of inflation.

The organisation in its report earlier this year wrote: “Gin has been added as expenditure has risen following a reported increase in the number of small distilleries over recent years.”

Gin manufacturers reported that they increased their gin sales from £126 million in 2009 to £239 million in 2015 and this is only increasing alongside the UK’s growing taste for the previously old-fashioned juniper spirit.

Written by Will Bond

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