Moor Cheese as Sheffield hosts food lovers event

Sheffield’s Moor Market is set to host a unique event on Friday evening celebrating cheese.

The event has been named ‘Love Cheese’ and is set to begin at 5.30pm and run until 9pm.

A total of 17 businesses are taking part, providing a range of food and drink for the public to indulge in whilst enjoying some quality live music.

It is a landmark event for a number of different reasons due to the fact it is free to attend, is taking place in the evening and because alcohol will be available on the premises throughout.

Richard Eyre, Head of City Centre, CCTV, Major Events and Markets for Sheffield Council, says that there are numerous objectives for the event and if it is successful, it could lead to many similar events taking place in the future.

He said: “As part of the marketing plan we run a range of events throughout the year. However, this is the first ‘out of hours’ event we have trialed and if successful could see a calendar of other similar events celebrating our love of food and drink.”

Mr Eyre also feels that the decision to offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the event will enhance the chances of it being a success.

He said: “As well as selling cheese and cheese products we know that the majority of customers want fine drinks as well so we took the decision to offer a side of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including craft beers, Prosecco and gins as well as some of the finest coffee and teas for sale in the city centre.”

He added: “All pulled together with quality live music and hot street food it is set up to be a great event.”

Two businesses that are taking part in the event are Beer Central and S&J Pantry. Both are looking forward to Friday night for the opportunity to showcase their products as well as help gain some fresh custom.

Sean Clarke, 50, joint-owner of Beer Central said: “Normally the market does not hold many evening events. I think they have had a couple before but they were private events rather than something that was run by the market. It is the first opportunity for people to try some of our fantastic beers.”

Over 100 people have already stated that they are attending the event on Facebook with a further 700 registering their interest.

It looks set to be one of the biggest events that has been held at the Moor Market since the £18 million development replaced the Castle Market in 2013.

Written by Sam Straw

Journalism Student at The University of Sheffield.

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