A Sheffield project calls for more volunteers to help those in poverty

15 February 2018

An urgent call has been made by the Real Junk Food Project Sheffield for new volunteers to support people who cannot get access to affordable food.

The real Junk Food Project is a non-profit social enterprise in Sheffield which saves food from being wasted and making it available to people who suffer from hunger insecurity.

Since June 2015, this project has fed over 25,000 people and saved 100s of tons of food from being wasted.

The Sharehouse Market, as one of the programs that ran by The Real Junk Food Project, intercepts food that is destined to be wasted unnecessarily six days a week and operates a pay-as-you-feel store where people can come and pick up lots of groceries.

It saves over three tons of food every day from becoming landfill and those foods cannot be saved for human will be sent to feed the pigs or compost at Heeley City Farm.

Michelle Clarke, of duty manager of the Sharehouse Market, said:” We have a close relationship with eight schools. Our partner schools get a weekly delivery of surplus food which can be used to run a weekly market stall. It literally prevents lots of food from being wasted.”

Recently a YouGov poll found out that one in four parents has skipped meals, and one in eight has gone a whole day without food.

Nearly 77 per cent of adults suggest the Government should measure household food insecurity.

Ms Clarke said:“Food poverty and food waste is really a huge issue nowadays. Our current system can be quite disappointing but I feel so glad that I can really do something practical to help people who suffer from it.”

“Our project gives incredible support to people who need it, however, such support inevitably sporadic and piecemeal. I hope more and more people can realize such food poverty crisis and participate in unlocking the poverty trap in Sheffield.”

Lianne, mother of two children who suffer from food poverty, said:” I remember the day when we had no money and all we had was some breads and beans.

“There was enough food for my son but he kept asking me why I was not having any of it. I said I was not hungry and he was trying to share it with me. It was heart-breaking.

“I use the food bank most of the time here, which I am really grateful to. I am on Jobseeker’s Allowance and get £72 a fortnight at the moment for me and two kids. I have deductions for rent, for council tax, for an over-payment from before.

“But it is still a struggle for me and my family to earn a living. What you can get depends where you go shopping but with my deductions it is difficult.”

The project still need more volunteers for their pay-as-you-feel café program, which sells some awesome meals to local people.

If you want to join the Real Junk Food Project, visit https://realjunkfoodsheffield.com/get-involved-the-real-junk-food-project-sheffield/ or call 07970 841 545



Written by Jia You

An international journalist.

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