Help people in need this Lent with the new AdLent Calendar

15 February 2018

Burngreave Foodbank have launched an AdLent Calendar for the period of Lent, encouraging people to help those in need.

The foodbank opened in 2012 and is a Trussell Trust registered charity.

Rachel Snow, manager, said: “We get no government support at all and are not a branch of social services. We depend entirely on the good will of the public.”

The AdLent Calendar is an initiative which starts on the 14th of February and runs all through Lent. Instead of giving something up, people are encouraged to donate an item a day for the 40-day period.

Burngreave Foodbank have made a prototype of a Calendar with all the supplies they need the most.

Burngreave Foodbank’s AdLent Calendar

The foodbank needs different donations and are running short on some supplies – the things mentioned a few times are the ones with the biggest shortage.

The way the calendar works is you collect one thing every day and at the end of Lent, which is 31st of March, you bring it to the foodbank. They are hoping to get some toiletries and help people in that way as well.


As the foodbank only takes people who have been referred by registered agencies, you can be sure that the help you are offering is reaching people who genuinely need it.

Rachel says that a variety of people walk through the foodbank’s doors – from asylum seekers who get no support, to people in employment.

One in five of the UK population live below the poverty line. Burngreave Foodbank are passionate about changing this and are asking for your help this Lent period.

Watch Rachel Snow talk about her experience with the foodbank:

Rachel says: “We do get some support but I am always looking for more. When you are running something where you’re giving out stuff all the time, you’re constantly trying to juggle the books and make sure everything balances. And not just food donations but volunteers – we always need loads of volunteers.”

You can find Burngreave Foodbank at Rock Christian Centre, 177-195 Spital Hill, Sheffield. You can also follow them on twitter: @burngreavefb

Written by Dafina Staykovska

Second year Journalism Student

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