New council scheme aims to end traffic jams on Granville Road

15 February 2018

A stretch of Granville Road is to be widened in order to relieve traffic pressure.

The road currently features in the top 10 percent of locations in South Yorkshire with the most bus delays.

Unrestricted parking is allowed on both sides of the road.

The 10 buses that use the road every hour cannot pass through at the same time in the 5.6 metre gap that remains.

By widening the road one metre, the traffic flow will become more regular.

Additionally parking bays will be marked out on both sides at 1.8m to encourage drivers to park close to the kerb.

Concern did come for the schoolchildren who use the footpath en route to the nearby All Saints High School. Although in a survey the council found no students used the planned stretch of road to cross.

Written by Nathan Makalena

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