Adverse weather leaves thousands of Sheffield school children at home

1 March 2018

Freezing temperatures and icy roads have resulted in the closure of 78 schools in Sheffield.

57 Sheffield primary schools have shut, with two primary schools having a delayed start.

Hallam Primary School has a light-hearted approach, encouraging children to enjoy the snow day, submitting a ‘snow day homework’ post on Facebook.

Snow in Sheffield

16 secondary schools have closed, with the rest remaining open with a delayed start, allowing more time for students and staff to travel and arrive safely.

Some secondary schools are open, but for supervised study rather than formal teaching. Notre Dame High School have reached this decision as no buses to the school are running.

Planned school events have also been rearranged. All Saints Catholic High School event at Royal Victoria has been postponed until further notice due to adverse weather conditions.

Similarly, Notre Dame High School has postponed a scheduled event. The parent’s day that was scheduled for this evening has been postponed until Thursday 8 March. Noatre Dame High School have said ‘we are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.’

GCSEs and A-Level examinations start in 10 weeks time and Easter holidays are upcoming. Local Student Deborah Hosu, 15 said “My GCSEs are just around the corner. I used to love snow days when I was younger but now I feel like I’m missing out on valuable teaching.”

Jackie Lavety, 39, mother-of-three stated: “It may not be the textbook answer, but in my personal opinion missing a few days from school is not a massive deal. I’ve got two girls at primary school and they are enjoying the days off.”

Emma Johnson, 68, grandmother to a young boy said: “When school is cancelled, I get to spend more time with my grandson as his parents are at work. I can understand how missing school can be an issue for older students though.”

The snow has coincided with World Book Day. In response to the adverse weather conditions, the original token redemption date 25 March will be extended.

World Book Day is being kept alive with the #shareastory hashtag on Twitter and online book shows on

A World Book Day quiz at Waterstones Meadowhall Sheffield will take place on Saturday 3 March. Waterstones Bookseller, Samuel said “We are intending to go ahead with the storytime event, however if we get more snow we will tweet with an update on WaterstonesMAPL.”

Written by Tolani Idris

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