Charities offer “life-changing” opportunities at Sheffield Volunteer Fair

Almost 25 charities attended a volunteering fair at Sheffield Town Hall today to offer people “life-changing” career opportunities.

There was something for everyone, with just a few of the names including Museum Sheffield, St Luke’s Hospice, British Red Cross and even the Sheffield Cat Sanctuary.

Paul Harvey, manager of Sheffield Volunteering Centre, said: “This is a good way of promoting volunteering really widely and showcasing the 25 odd charities here who are doing brilliant stuff and enabling people to come and meet them face to face. It’s a great way of enabling people to connect.

“To be quite honest, volunteering is nothing short of life-changing for some people.”

The event was hosted by Sheffield Volunteering Centre and Sheffield Hallam Student Union, who have only worked together twice.

Amala Anyika, volunteering co-ordinator for the Sheffield Volunteering Centre, said: “We have lots of contact with different organisations and Sheffield Hallam are looking to get more students volunteering so it seemed like a good idea to combine both of us in one event.”

“It’s important for people to be able to be able to come down to the volunteering fair, and maybe meet with an organisation that they’ve never thought of volunteering with, or that they’ve never actually heard of and find something that’s right for them.”

Around 50 charities were originally meant to attend, but many couldn’t attend due to the frosty weather.  However, those who did make it were pleased with the turn-out.

Fran Bradshaw, volunteer co-ordinator for St Luke’s Hospice, said: “Considering the weather it’s been a good turnout. It’s been great for networking because there’s a lot of people I’ve not met before.”

Ruth Bean, representing Museums Sheffield, added: “It’s a little quieter than we hoped, but it means we’ve been able to have really good, in-depth conversations with people to find out what they’re looking for, and what roles we might have that suit them.”

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