Homeless people offered extra support amid harsh weather in Sheffield

1 March 2018

The big freeze has forced Sheffield City Council to provide shelter for homeless people in Sheffield.

Due to the snow in Sheffield getting thicker, the risk of death to those sleeping rough on the streets is at its highest.

Weather Watch, a programme set up by Sheffield City Council which provides accommodation to homeless people when the temperature reaches a certain low, is running in full force.

Cathedral Archer Project, a homeless care charity which aims to help people overcome homelessness, are working tirelessly to offer support, in their busiest time of year.

A representative from the charity stated: “We are working hard by providing warm clothing and handing out Weather Watch numbers to call. We’re serving breakfast and hot drinks to those in need. We also provide a hot shower, which are very popular!”

The project has also launched a ‘Sleep out’ challenge which will take place on the 16th March, a unique experience creating a safe environment for people to attempt to sleep out under the stars.

With limited spaces available, they aim to provide an insight into sleeping rough, and state it’s the best way to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be homeless.

Syd and Mallory, a handmade clothing shop in Sheffield, are also offering support, and have set up a rail of free clothing for homeless people inside their shop on Devonshire street, one of many companies aiming to assist people sleeping rough in the cold weather conditions.

Syd and Mallory’s Emporium is located on Devonshire Street, Sheffield.

A homeless man known as John, explained how provisions should be provided all year round.

John said: “People only really feel sorry for us in this weather. It’s annoying because we’re homeless all year round. Just because its cold doesn’t mean we should only be helped out now. I need somewhere to sleep every day of the year. It’s always cold at night.”

He continued: “Obviously the snow isn’t nice to sleep in so we do need more help when its cold. I’ll take what I can get.”

Written by Laura Bolshaw

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