Snow forcing Sheffield food banks to cancel or restrict services

1 March 2018

Food banks in Sheffield are being forced to cancel or restrict their services following heavy snow in the area.

As demand for food banks in the area increases, the harsh weather conditions have made it difficult for both volunteers to keep them open and those in need to access them.

Up to six inches of snow in areas have made commuting difficult, with Stagecoach being forced to operate limited services and many paths deemed dangerous.

Certain food banks in the area have had to cancel or heavily restrict services due to lack of supplies as a result of a volunteer shortage and difficulty in travelling.

PXI projects operating in Parsons Cross have said that the weather is making operation difficult, forcing their session tomorrow to be open to emergencies only, with their pop up bakery and social café both cancelled.

Nick Waterfield, who volunteers for the charity, explained: “Our main concern has been volunteers and getting them safely there and back. There is a huge risk to what we are doing and some volunteers simply aren’t able to make it.”

“We are still getting phone calls this morning from people in need that aren’t able to travel due to the snow. That’s why we’re making all efforts to at least provide some support tomorrow, even though this is limited.”

He added: “We’re hoping to collect a couple of Fareshare bags from ASDA today thanks to volunteers who live close by, but again this is a limited and reduced response to the usual.”

Other food banks have concerns over locals in need of food not being able to make it to the foodbanks due to mobility issues.

Alison Riggott, a volunteer at S6 Food Bank, said: “The weather certainly makes it harder for people to access a foodbank, particularly if they have to rely on public transport or have reduced mobility.”

“We have many in need that struggle in usual weather, the snow makes it all a lot harder”.

“Our foodbank is open on a Friday but I’m not sure whether people will be able to make it in tomorrow. Any help is appreciated.”

If you wish to help out, below is a map showing food banks in your area with their contact details:


Written by Harry Tedder

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield, unfortunately from Lincoln.

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