Sun soaks the Steel City

It has been a record-breaking day of high temperatures in Sheffield, with temperatures reaching above 24 degrees in April for the first time since 1949.

People could be seen enjoying the sunshine across the city on their lunch breaks, and many took time to cool off in the Peace Gardens fountains or join the queue for a much-needed ice cream.

Carole Harmer, 67, whilst enjoying a glass of wine in a city centre bar, said: “It’s about time the sun came out! After all the snow we’ve had, I think we deserve a bit of the opposite.”

James Whitman, 31, said: “Makes a change from being stuck inside the office definitely. There’s nothing better than the sun shining is there?”

Julie Chambers, 59, said: “It’s always lovely to see the kids enjoying themselves and playing in the fountain.”


Charlie Payne

Trainee hack at The University of Sheffield.

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