Sheffield community fundraising needs to be soup-ed up, claim crowdfunders

26 April 2018

A Sheffield crowdfunding group has been struggling with running costs and have been trying their best to raise money.

The group, Sheffield Soup, support schemes across the city. In their three years, they have helped out several projects and donated thousands of pounds to communities across Sheffield.

A fundraiser at St Mary’s Exhibition Centre, Highfield, was held to raise much needed funds to help the group continue in their efforts to support local ideas.

Founder of Sheffield Soup, Pennie Raven, said: “Sometimes you see these really big things in the news and feel powerless and I think that’s why Soup really appeals. It enables us to make a difference.”

One example of Soup’s great work is their partnership with The Suit Works, who give disadvantaged males job training and makeovers. They have also supported The Rainbow Heron Night Art Café, who used their proceeds for volunteer training to give young people with mental health problems somewhere to go at night.

Inspired by the Soup movement across America, Pennie Raven was determined to make a difference closer to home.

The group is entirely run by volunteers, each month local residents share presentations on projects ranging from art, music, social issues, education and more. The admission costs are then all donated to the chosen pitch. In the past donations have reached up to £800.

In the future, Sheffield Soup are hoping to launch ‘Super Soup’, a big event that aims to raise thousands of pounds.

Founder, Pennie Raven, discusses the groups’ achievements and impact across Sheffield.

Further information can be found here.

Written by Jessica Matthews

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