Sheffield entrepreneur says independent boutiques are suffering because of online shopping

8 May 2018

An entrepreneur who has run an independent boutique for 26 years has said businesses in the city are suffering at the hands of online shopping.

Stuart Mcadie, who has run The Alternative Store since the early 1990s, said it is a struggle to keep the store going as many people switch to buying clothes online.

Mr Mcadie said: “Retail is dying. Nobody goes shopping anymore and big companies are taking over. High street shops in the area are slowly disappearing as well”

The store produces its own local brand and is famous for its `Northern brand’ such as `Chips & Gravy’ and ‘South Yorks’ which will be showcased at the Style Sheffield fashion show in the city centre on May 24.

Despite its own unique and personal clothing brand, the future of the store is still uncertain especially when popular retail stores such as Primark are constantly growing.

Mr Mcadie said: “There are concerns with the future of the shop. I am fighting to make it work and am trying to produce and get in more stocks. Who knows what will happen in the future.”

Despite the uncertainty in the shop, Mr Mcadie is positive about the future of the store.

He said: “The passion for this shop and the relationship that I forge and connect with others are what keeps me going.”

The Alternative Store will be showcasing their personal brand alongside his brand new coffee business.

Style Sheffield returns for the second time this year and is part of Sheffield BID’S Alive After Five strategy which aims to venture into the city centre’s fashion scene.

Famous clothing brands such as Primark and Dorothy Perkins will also be showcasing in the Fashion Week.


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