New Café opens in Crookes

New Café ‘As Thyme Goes By’ started its first day of business on 8 May 2018 in Crookes, serving a range of home-baked cakes, sandwiches as well as tea and coffee.

A huge attractive artwork is on the side of the building, which was just a wall of bricks before being painted by artist Mr KISK.

Lucy Arnold, 27, Personal Trainer, living in Nether Edge, said: “The artwork on the side of the building is really cool and different.  It brings something different to light up your eyes.”

She added: “The food is really nice, it’s really fresh and I’m really happy with it. I can’t wish anything better. We passed quite a lot and we’ve seen the big site. We knew today is the opening day so we decided to come.”

Kerry Porter, 47, Administrator, said: “I would say this is a very traditional English and Mediterranean style café. The food is really good and traditional and I really enjoyed.

“But I think more sophisticated menu could be provided for people to enjoy more variety of flavours. There are meat board, cheese board and salmon board but there is no vegetarian board. I think it would be better to at least have the menu for vegetarians.” She added.

Neil Bocker, 55, Retired, living in Drafield, said: “The service is great, lovely friendly and fast service. The staffs get nice touch with you checking out what you need and whether you enjoy or not. I had a very good experience here.”

Sare Carter, 46, Stay-at-home mom, living in 37 Beanmonc Road North, said: “It is lovely environment, really well-done decorated. The music is nice as well. I like it, the shop is great. I’ll definitely come again.”

The café opens seven days from 9am to 5pm and on Thursday the opening hour will be extended to 7pm.

Customer need to book for Sunday lunch in advance by calling 07791 411054 or 07398 196111.


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