Community spirit to fill Crookes in upcoming street market

9 May 2018

The Crookes community here in Sheffield is hosting a street market this week as a way to show off the areas local shops and what the community has to offer.

With around 44 vendors participating in the street market, the event will be packed with various foods and craft items, and promises lots of food and fun.

Organiser of the event, Michele Vincent, 64 said: “The market has a feel good atmosphere that brings people to Crookes to see what the area has to offer.” One of the most popular food vendors is Urban Pantry, a retail based deli that serves both hot and cold food, using locally sourced produce and meat.

All produce used by the deli to create its lovely dishes are brought from neighbouring fruit and vegetable shop, Just Natural.
The dairy products they use are also from Our Cow Molly, a Sheffield-owned dairy company. The deli prides itself in using as much locally sourced product as possible, and does its part supporting other local businesses.

Specially for the Crookes Street Market, the deli will be preparing delicious barbeque, and will be serving dishes like burgers. Local traditional dance group Sheffield City Morris will be performing in their bright green trousers.

Owner of Urban Pantry, Reese Lippolils, 37, said: “The market is a great chance to meet like-minded people and creates good community spirit. All while having delicious food!” The market happens twice a year and a Christmas event in Winter. Vincent also said: “Businesses like Urban Pantry have been very supportive and are the key to the success of the market.”

The Crookes Street Market will be happening at Stannington View Road on Sunday, 13 May 2018 from 11AM till 3PM.

Written by Renee Qiyong Soh

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