Share a pint with a scientist!

The international Pint of Science Festival is coming to Sheffield.

The festival aims to bring out scientists out of their labs and into a more casual and approachable environment to teach the general public about research going on in the University of Sheffield.

Devon Smith, Sheffield coordinator of the festival said: “I personally got involved as I think it is a great way for the public to interact with science. Going to university lectures can be intimidating, so this festival hopes to take that all away.” The festival is promoted as “Science talks in your local pub” and covers a wide range of topics in approachable ways.

The topics covered range from astrophysics, to the mind, to the human body and even to politics, and that just scratches the surface. Researchers taking part come from different academic levels, you’ll find PhD students, professors and even new researchers at the start of their journey. Attendees can expect a talk from researchers as well as a Q&A session.

Different activities like science quizzes, a “plutonium” hunt will also occur. Interactive demonstrations and science busking will take place and includes the mixing of “science cocktails”, which is fitting as the events will take place in a pub.

Miss Smith said: “We want the audience to feel comfortable and relaxed, so what better place than a pub! When else will people get to have a pint with a real-life scientist on a week day!”

The Pint of Science Festival will start on Monday, 14 May, till Wednesday, 16 May. Tickets are available on the Pint of Science website at £4 per ticket.


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