UPDATE: NHS will no longer share information with the Home Office about migrants

10 May 2018

After the debate that took place yesterday, the Home Office is now being forced to stop the NHS from sharing the migrants’ details.

The Home Office breached patients’ confidentiality to trace “minor immigration infractions” in the past to forcefully remove migrants from the country, according to Margot James, a minister in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MUO) has been suspended which means the NHS Digital will no longer share information with the Home Office.

Sarah Eldridge of City of Sanctuary Sheffield, said: “This has been a move to restrict access to certain groups of migrants and to create a harsher environment for migrants who are illegal or without necessary paper”.

Mrs Eldridge said migrants are living from hand to mouth on streets or in very poor housing conditions.

“I’ve seen it all. Photos of rats on top of cookers, and stained mattresses. It’s just appalling.”

“They can’t even return home because it’s not safe to do so. The government knows there is no clear cut but chooses to ignore.”

Dr Kristen Major, Deputy Chief Executive of the Sheffield Teaching Hospital, said: “We have statutory regulations in place to report to the Home Office when an asylum seeker comes to our services for treatment.”

The panel involved in the debate offered best practice examples where society can be more welcoming towards asylum seekers.



Written by Deema Abu Baker

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