Dementia sufferers’ campaign raises £4,000 of £20,000 target

A fundraising page supporting 85 dementia sufferers from two Sheffield care homes has raised £4,000 within the first 12 days of the appeal.

The Woodland View Dementia Support Group set up the fundraising page to support the uncertain future of 85 sufferers, whom the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) promised funding for life in 2012. However, the NHS now claim they can no longer afford to care for them.

On their website, the support group said: “It’s unlawful and cruel. There is widespread concern amongst the public and top lawyers about the legality of local funding assessment for NHS continuing care.

“We need £20,000 – just £235 per life – to challenge these immoral and unlawful decisions with legal help. Healthcare budgets are under pressure, but the solution isn’t to bend the rules and take NHS care from the most vulnerable.

“Our two priorities are to ensure the CCG honours its promise that residents can remain in the care homes until this dreadful disease takes its inevitable course, even if NHS funding is withdrawn and that the unlawful decisions to withdraw NHS funding are challenged.”

On a wider scope, plans to develop a ‘Dementia Friendly Community’ for thousands of sufferers in Sheffield were brought to light in Council recently.

Nicola Shearstone, Head of Commissioning for Prevention and Early Intervention, discussed the future of prevention and support over the next few years for people with dementia. She discussed the scale of the disorder while explaining that there is more to regard than the sufferers alone.

She said: “There are approximately 7,000 people with dementia in Sheffield. We can’t look at them in isolation, we need to look at their families and the wider picture.”

There are currently 77 days remaining on the fundraising page as Woodland View seek the remaining 80% of their target.

Those who would like to donate can do so on


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