Students outline 12 year plan to make university greener

15 May 2018

Environmental student groups were consulted by the Sheffield Students’ Union to form a Manifesto that identifies 12 priority actions to make the University as sustainable as possible.

‘Our Student Manifesto for a Sustainable University of Sheffield’ has asked the University to adopt these actions into its Sustainability Strategy.

SU Development Officer, Megan McGrath said: ‘We already know that students rank sustainability as the most important global issue. Time after time we hear in surveys that you want the University to include more sustainable development in both courses and on campus.”

Over 150 of the University’s ‘most environmentally engaged’ students have moulded this manifesto through detailed consultation. The sustainability committee is now calling on students to support these 12 actions, and so far they have rallied 169 supporters.

For example, one vision is to be zero carbon by 2030, as the science expresses that this is vital to avoid “catastrophic climate change”.

The Manifesto also seeks to have compulsory, credited education for sustainable development integrated into every course, so all students are aware of the relevance of their subject to sustainability.

Megan McGrath also said: “It’s vital that we seize this opportunity and make our voice heard, as this is the generation that will need the skills and confidence to tackle the big global challenges we face and secure a sustainable future.”

Despite the Manifesto being a strong indicator of the views of students, the committee also wants the university to go beyond the Manifesto to improve sustainability. The manifesto states that it is morally imperative to persistently seek and act on the ideas of the student generation, who “are keenly aware our future is in the balance”.

To support the student Manifesto go to:



Written by Megan Drew

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