UCU strikes affect students’ exam stress

15 May 2018

University staff strikes, held earlier this year, may have worsened students’ exam stress.

Students have expressed concerns over being examined on material which they have not been taught due to the UCU’s 14 days of industrial action, held over four weeks in February and March.

Maureen Los, 21, an Economics Student, said: “I’ve seen a lot of stress among my friends. There hasn’t been a lot of information given to us on how the strikes would affect our exams.”

Isla Robertson, 19, an English Literature student, added: “I think the strikes have definitely affected my exam stress. Things we have never been taught before we are expected to know in the exam.

“Some of my seminar tutors however have said to email them if we have any questions, so there is a bit of support.”

However, Antonio Nevas, an Economics Lecturer and welfare officer, said nobody has gone to him to complain or express their worries over how the strikes will affect their exams.

Lecturers have assured students that their grades will not be affected by the industrial action, with some departments insisting material not taught will not be featured in exams.

Sheffield Students’ Union has provided advice and information to students who are struggling with exam stress, which can be accessed on https://su.sheffield.ac.uk/advice-support/exam-plan

Written by Rebecca Curry

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