BTEC Students fight against stigma

16 May 2018

BTEC students find the stigma around eventual poor performance in University to be highly discouraging and demoralising.

The Sheffield College offers a Media, Journalism and Photography BTEC course at their Hillsborough campus where they aim to create a good base to launch student into the industry as well as to prepare those who intend to continue to Universities.

However, with A-level students competing for spots in top universities such as the University of Sheffield, BTEC students have found themselves being snubbed at for their educational background.

Stephanie George, a level 3 journalism student in Sheffield college said: “It is a stereotype, that’s what it is. Some people are not made for the A-level system despite being good at individual subjects.

“It is wrong to generalise us like that because we are working hard in college to get into university like everyone else.”

A study by the University of Sheffield showed that  in 2016, 90 per cent of A-level students were getting a first, whereas only over 60 per cent of students with Btecs were getting a first.

Another level 3 Sheffield College Journalism student, Margaret Lindel said: “The fact that universities are carrying out these studies to put us in a box is just immoral.

“If I work hard and manage to get into a university and start off at the same level, I do not see why my background should come into consideration.”

Written by Aditi Rane

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