Sheffield’s young carers to get extra support


Sheffield foster children can enjoy the same family support as other young people when they transition into adulthood.

The Staying Put Caring arrangement, discussed in Sheffield’s city council cabinet meeting yesterday, gives foster children the opportunity to continue living with their carer until they are 21 years of age.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “We have got many care leavers that go on to go to university, who are very successful, have families, have jobs and it is really important, I think, that we nurture them along their way in their journeys to independence.”

The arrangement aims to let the carer provide support to the young person in their education, employment or training. This allows those in foster care to experience the same transition between childhood and independent adulthood as other young people, who often find it a more gradual change.

“It’s about enabling our young people to have that journey through to independence,” Councillor Drayton added.

The carer can continue to receive financial support in this scheme and any training they might need to help the young person navigate adult life, is provided by the council.

Funding comes from a number of sources including existing benefits and an additional amount from the local authority.

Sheffield City Council also provide the alternative Staying Put Close-by scheme in conjunction with this. It is aimed towards those who wish to stay put with their carer but also want to have some independence.

Written by Molly Lymn

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