Hundreds of free gig tickets given away in Sheffield

14 February 2019

An innovative digital project in Sheffield is providing free music and event tickets to promote social inclusion and mental well-being.

The Ticket Bank is an online ticket donation platform where organisers can donate spare event tickets to be given away for free in partnership with charities and community groups.

The project, started by Tickets for Good, aims to boost inclusion within arts and entertainment by giving disadvantaged people access to music gigs, theatre and live events.

The initiative will allow many disadvantaged people to attend more music events.

Steve Rimmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Tickets for Good, said: “I’m so pleased to share our vision of making events more charitable and inclusive.

“Our mission is to help organisers, sponsors and performers optimise for diversity and inclusion, so that everyone in the community can benefit from social responsibility.”

The Ticket Bank recognises that financial constraints, care commitments and social exclusion are just some of the barriers which prevent people from attending events.

“Participation in social activity should be for everyone, and we are so pleased to be sharing our successful first year operating our ticket donations program,” Mr Rimmer added. “We’re now not just in Sheffield but expanding further afield into Manchester, Leeds, York and London. With a digital platform it’s an opportunity to expand nationally and further.”

Registered charities and non-profit community groups are encouraged to sign up to the platform and select the tickets they want to distribute to their clients and service users.

In its first year the program managed to donated over 500 tickets to disadvantaged people and now has over 100 charities registered on the platform.

Rachel Boyce, from the Ticket Bank, said: “It’s a pleasure to work with venues that are keen to increase their social responsibility by working with us to make their events more inclusive and audiences more diverse.”

Written by Danny Brown

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