SPA Northern Student Media Conference in Sheffield this weekend

14 February 2019

The SPA Northern Student Media Conference 2019 is coming to Sheffield’s Students’ Union on Saturday.

Jessica Murray, 24, Northern Officer for the Student Publication Association, said: “I think a lot of student journalism doesn’t get the recognition it deserves so it is good to get these professional journalists involved and it is great to get on your CV.”

A number of industry specialists have been invited to speak, including Jem Collins who is Founding Director of Journo Resources. Mr Collins’s workshop will involve learning about how to pitch to an editor as a freelancer.

He said: “It’s going to be a practical kind of talk so that people can actually have something to take away so you are getting skills you can actually use.

“I found these events valuable when I was a student because you are able to connect with peers and stay in contact and learn from other people which was really useful.”

Other sessions will include a beginner’s guide on investigative journalism, held by Robyn Vinter, founder and editor of The Overtake, and talks about the importance of local and community journalism.

The SPA represents student newspapers round the country offering support and advice.

This event offers an opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain valuable insight into professional life as a journalist.

The event will begin at 10:30am and is expected to finish at 5pm.

Written by Naveen Mehta

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