Surge in number of children being home schooled

14 February 2019

The Children’s Commissioner has demanded a compulsory registration of “off the grid” children after a surge in the number of students being home schooled

Recent figures show 58,000 children were home educated last year.

Kalie White, a mother of two in Sheffield, decided to educate her two-month-old baby at home.

She said: “Because of the anxiety disorder of my older daughter, I choose the way of home- educated for my little daughter.”

“More and more Schools and teachers are not qualified enough to teach children in a right way nowadays. I don’t trust them,” she added.

Between 2016/17 and 2017/18, 11 local areas show a 48% rise in the number of children withdrawn from schools into home education.

However, there are tens of thousands of children in England receiving no school education, but many of them are ‘off-grid’, invisible to local authorities.

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England said: “The number of children home-educated is “rocketing” and “no-one knows how they are doing academically, or even if they’re safe.”

Nearly all the local authorities surveyed said they did not have enough powers to ensure the safety of home-schooled children, and a large majority said they did not know the exact numbers in their area.

Ms Longfield said: “We need to know who these children are, where they are, whether they are safe and if they are getting the education they need to succeed in life.”

“There is a clear case for the Government to introduce a compulsory register for all home-educated children, without delay.” She added.

( All the statistics are from Children’s Commissioner’s report 2018)

(Statistics about Home-schooling in the UK)

Written by Bilin Cao

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