Vibrant Sheffield Live attracts over 400 of city’s most influential business leaders

Representatives from over 250 Sheffield-based businesses congregated at Vibrant Sheffield Live which was held today to celebrate the power of local enterprise.

Paul Houghton, Head of Grant Thornton’s Sheffield Office, was heavily involved with the event’s management. He said: “One of the things Sheffield is not usually good at is shouting about ourselves but today was absolutely brilliant.

“We want to see the local economy thrive and grow and to do that we realised we needed to come together and be authentic.”

The event brought together a range of businesses with larger companies like Strata Homes and Twinkle attending, as well as smaller local businesses like Mobile Power Ltd.

As well as this, a range of groups were invited to attend including business leaders and students.

Local student Ayanah Ewusie-Nelson, 16, said: “What stood out to me is that it was really encouraging for young people to get involved and it makes you feel quite proud this is all happening in Sheffield.”

Vibrant Sheffield Live had three main aims which were to share knowledge, share business ideas and to get people talking about what they have seen in the industry.

Laura Winson, 36, from Sheffield Theatres, said: “Sheffield is a hugely innovative city and it was great to see everyone working collaboratively.

“It has definitely made me think about the wider scope that is available to businesses and the opportunities that are there for enterprise to thrive.”

The organisation of the event was also carried out collaboratively with a number of different organisations helping to finance the event management.

Laura White, from the Sheffield City Partnership, said: “Smaller medium enterprise are the backbone of communities and I think we have really got the message across.”

This is in keeping with Grant Thornton’s aim to bring together and start a dialogue between businesses which would usually not co-operate as closely.

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