BME community receives support from 110 Outlet

21 February 2019


A store in Sheffield that aims to provide support for BME businesses was launched last Friday.

The 110 Outlet, which is part of the SYAC initiative is set up to help the BME community in Sheffield enhance their business skills.

Hannah Reid, 36, project co-coordinator for the 110 outlet said: “Starting a business is hard regardless. I think in terms of Asian and Caucasian, they are doing very well, but in terms of BME, there are not many business owners.”

According to a government report, 4% of business owners come from the BAME community while 88% are Caucasian.

Katura Barrows-Robotham, 22, assistant project coordinator said: “I know that there are not a lot of business owners from the BME community. But, it is actually shocking to see the statistics.”

The 110 Outlet is a three month project which will end in March but the coordinators are looking to make the project a long term in Sheffield.

Ms Reid said: “I think It is very necessary for Sheffield to have this project and there is definitely a need for the community to help each other to connect.”

The outlet is located at 120 Wicker, unit 10 where people can come together to learn basic business skills and at the same time, creating a network within the BME community.




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