Children’s Hospital urges local sports teams to raise money for new Emergency Department funds

21 February 2019

The Children’s Hospital Sheffield are calling on grassroots teams to help save their overcrowded Emergency Department.

The current Emergency Department was built to look after a maximum of 32,000 patients, but the Children’s Hospital charity says the Emergency Department is looking after over 60,000 patients, nearly double its capacity.

The hospital provides emergency care for more than 52,000 children every year, up to the age of 16, with a range of illnesses and injuries.

Tschad Western, who works for the charity, believes that the work done at the Children’s hospital is absolutely vital for the community.

“Our treatment is among the best in the UK, but our facilities do little to ease the anxiety felt by children and families at what is often a stressful and scary time.” He said.

But the Sheffield Children’s Hospital have come up with a way to raise money to fund the new Emergency Department.

The Golden Hour Challenge, which begins on March 1, is asking local sports teams, supporters of the hospital, and youth teams across Sheffield to raise £60 each.

‘Golden Hour’ is a medical term for the crucial first hour in which treatments for a traumatic injury are most likely to be successful.

“At Sheffield Children’s Hospital we have major trauma status which means that we have the skills and facilities to accept major trauma patients”, said Caitlin Hallatt, the Marketing and PR Officer of the Children’s Hospital Charity.

“People can raise the money however they like! We’ve got bakers, people doing sweepstakes, dressing up for the day, dog walking and even someone wearing a yellow wig all day!”

Whether dressing up or novelty costumers are your thing or not, the charity urgently needs support to keep its status as one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

Visit the Children’s Hospital Charity website to buy a pack or to find out how to participate:

Written by Jack Young

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