Hope for Abandoned Sheffield Boat House

21 February 2019


Sheffield University Rowing team are hoping to bring a new lease of life to Crookes Valley Park.


The club want to start training at the park in the boat house that has been abandoned since the late 1990’s.


Sam Armistead, 24, the team’s co-captain, said: “We really just want to bring the old boat house back to life and we think it has the potential for longer term investments within the community too.


“We are currently training at The Goodwin Sports Centre and there just is not enough space for all of our equipment as well as longer term storage.”


He added: “We’re hoping to gain the councils permission to start renovating the old boat house, so we can train inside it and then after that start community-based activities in the lake. Something that is for everyone.”


Simon Ogden, chair for the friends of Crookes Valley Park community group, said: “We are hoping that this brings a lot of interest back to the park and the university and local community can work as one to make it happen.”


“We’re hoping the boat house could maybe be converted into changing rooms or somewhere other youth groups could come to do their own activities. When it’s not in use by the rowing club.”


The club is currently working closely with the council and trying to draw up a deal where the team have access during term time to the facilities.


Written by Angelica Giugno

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