Sheffield celebrates ‘amazing’ linguistic diversity

21 February 2019

Sheffield is celebrating its ‘amazing’ multilingualism on International Mother Language Day today.

IMLD is an annual celebration promoting linguistic and cultural awareness. The day was formally recognised by the UN in 2008.

Rex Béchu, International Students Officer at Sheffield SU said: “Speaking different languages helps expand your vocabulary. I can really see my ability to think has expanded by speaking three different languages.

“I think you need to have a really good teacher and why it’s so amazing that we are an international city. You need to practice your language skills with someone who has it as their mother tongue.

“That’s why today is such an amazing day like Mother Tongue Language Day to make linguistics fun. It helps when searching for a job and as a thinking and learning experience.”

This year’s theme is “indigenous languages matter for development, peacebuilding and reconciliation”. There will be events organised by UNESCO HQ in Paris across today.

The day is a homage to the Bangladeshi’s in the 20th century and is now observed all over the world.

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Written by David Marriott

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