Sheffield City Council bring in £500,000 of new charging points for green taxis

21 February 2019

Twenty more charging points will be installed around the city in the next year to achieve Sheffield’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

A bid of £500,000 was won by the council from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to introduce the rapid charging points.

The council have said that these new rapid chargers are the quickest way to charge up an electric car, with the power to recharge a vehicle to 80% from 20-40 minutes.

Jo Musker-Sherwood, director of Hope for the Future, an organisation that supports citizens to work with their MP’s climate change, said: “Investment in electric vehicle infrastructure is an important step in tackling air pollution levels and climate change.

“When combined with other measures, such as generating electricity from clean air sources and investing in public and active transport, electric vehicles have an important role to play in securing a sustainable and healthy future for us all here in Sheffield.”

This will contribute to the councils aim to make 90% of the Hackney black cab taxi group ultra-low emission vehicles by 2021.

The changes come soon after the council were making plans last November to introduce a Clean Air zone which would bring in a congestion charge of up to £50 for lorries, taxis and busses for polluting the area.

This is a big step forward in Sheffield council’s goal to make Sheffield a cleaner city.


Written by Alexandra Stewart

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