Sheffield Hallam University launches new law firm for students

21 February 2019

The university has set up its own fully regulated law firm, SHU Law, which aims to give students practical work experience.

The non-profit law firm will incorporate legal work experience for all students in every year of their degree as part of the core curriculum.

SHU Law was created by Professor Elizabeth Smart, head of Sheffield Hallam’s law faculty, alongside two experienced solicitors, Sally Mallinson-Ayres and Rebecca Draper, who will supervise and train the students full time.

Professor Elizabeth Smart said: “Students will work on ‘live client’ cases in a broad range of practice areas and will provide legal services to the local community and surrounding area.

“The experience will enhance their employability and graduate with attributes in the world of work.

“We are providing a unique and innovative approach to legal education possible for our students whilst serving the community as a whole.”

SHU Law was licensed by Solicitors Regulation Authority in January and the University has converted one of its buildings into a modern office that will include a reception, interview rooms, call centre, back office and lecture rooms. It has been specifically designed for both clients and students to work on cases.

Sheffield Hallam University will formally open SHU Law on February 27 by Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Husbands.


Written by Alexandra Stewart

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