Sheffield man broke into home and swung at student with hammer – court told

A man broke into a student home and swung at a tenant with a hammer before being chased off, Sheffield Crown Court was told.


The prosecution in the aggravated burglary trial claimed that Darren Smith, 53, of Burgoyne Road, Sheffield, entered a house in Mona Road, Crookes through the window of the morning of June 4 last year.


Smith is alleged to have swung a hammer at the occupant after being spotted downstairs in the home. He then fled and was pursued down the road, the court heard.


Mr Smith was spotted on CCTV footage outside another house walking down the road and accepts this was him but denied burgling the house.


Prosecutor Richard Sheldon told the court that the victim had heard his back-door alarm go off at around 5am and got up to investigate.


The occupant found the defendant downstairs in his home who swung at him and grazed his forearm with a hammer.


Mr Sheldon told the jury how Smith fled the home with the victim chasing him down Springvale Road.


The jury heard how the victim briefly lost sight of the defendant before crossing paths again. The victim decided to keep his distance from the defendant as he was still armed with a hammer.


The altercation concluded just after 5am.


Items recovered at Smith’s home include two pocket torches, three black gloves, latex purple gloves and a grey sweatshirt that matched the CCTV footage. The prosecution outlined that these could be items used to perform a burglary.


The victim identified the defendant at an identity parade trial with Smith being traced through CCTV footage recorded at another home.


Chris Aspinall, defending told the court that no fingerprints had been found in the home to connect Smith to the incident, nor had a footprint extracted from the scene matched any of Smith’s shoes in his home. A hammer was not recovered at the defendant’s house either.


Mr Aspinall stressed to the jury that the defendant denies the charge and was chased down the street by the student and ran away out of fear.


Speaking in a police interview heard in court, Smith said: “I ain’t burgled no house. Why would I hit a student with a hammer, that’s just daft.


“Nobody’s been hit with a hammer. This is mad this.”


The trial continues.

Written by David Marriott

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