Launch of Sheffield bus review causes mixed feelings

28 February 2019

Dan Jarvis, Mayor of Sheffield City Region, launched a bus review on Monday but his plans were met with mixed responses by Sheffield residents.

Mr Jarvis plans to work with stakeholders and members of the public to improve steps on South Yorkshire’s bus services.

Danni Gladston, 26, a regular visitor of Sheffield, said “Definitely think a review is required. Residents are being failed and if bus providers aren’t providing a decent service or complying with what they promise customers, higher authorities need to be involved to at least identify why customers are being failed and to work with the providers to give better service.”

A bus review was launched to tackle waiting times

However, some Sheffield residents are not feeling too positive about it.

Angharad Edwards, 28, from Wincobank, said: “I think reviews are good but it’s all talk no action. In my area, The First Group have a monopoly. They have no competition from stagecoach, so there’s no reason to be on time or put on more buses.

“The bus only comes once an hour. It rarely is on time and sometimes doesn’t even show up. It’s the only way to get into town or to Meadowhall. Many times I’ve been left waiting. I’ve emailed FirstBus but each time I get a letter saying sorry and then nothing changes.”

More information about the bus review can be found at


Written by Monica Kutrowski

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