Sheffield’s first sexy pole dance classes launched to ‘ditch stigma’

28 February 2019

A Sheffield pole dance instructor and entrepreneur runs sexy pole dance lessons and ‘Filthy Friday’s to provide a safe space for all genders, body types and abilities to practise the art of pole dance and pole fitness.  

Sarah Bibby, 27, of Crookes who started pole dancing back in 2012 owns the Off The Ground Pole Dance Studio, also known as OtG.

Sarah said: “My aim is to provide a space for people to use pole dance and movement to better themselves and feel good.

“There is no better feeling than finding a new level of strength, control and understanding of your body, and the power that comes with all three.”

Pole fitness based on strength and tricks now enjoys being accepted as a sport, but slinky and sensual pole dancing is still stigmatised and degraded.

Sarah wants to ditch the stigma. “I am a strong advocate that pole sport, pole fitness, and the majority of pole dance should not and to an extent does no longer carry the stigma.

“I teach students the best positions to look powerful, to give the best view of your lovely long legs, the best way to booty shake, how to articulate your body in a way that shows off your figure.

“It’s about creating a safe space for people to feel comfortable enough to explore this sort of movement.”

She runs a variety of classes weekly ranging from strength conditioning and flexibility improvement classes to ‘Filthy Friday’ lessons all based around sexy pole.

Sarah said: “OtG is the only pole studio in Sheffield that teaches exotic dance, and we range from stripper style sexy pole, to much more complicated, technical exotic dance with fast moves, drops, combinations and flips.

“We teach our exotic pole in designated classes so we can provide a safe space for our students to explore this powerful style of movement free of judgement, full of support.”

Anna Red, 27, who attends OtG said: “Doing pole has changed my life. I feel more confident and pole was the first place I wore a two piece in years.”

OtG hosts showcases regularly to “bring all the performers together in a group as they share the experience together, furthering the ‘family’ feel of the studio.”

Sarah’s most recent talent showcase, ‘OtG does Chicago’ based on the award winning musical, raised over a hundred pounds for charity.

Written by Marta Flakiewicz

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