Vandals damage Sheffield gardening project

28 February 2019

Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused by vandals at Herdings Community and Heritage Centre in Gleadless Valley on Sunday.

Workers arrived on Monday morning to find smashed tables, seating areas and windows, snapped trees and the £3,000 poly tunnel ripped to pieces.

Steve Rundall, CEO of Reach South Sheffield which runs the centre, said: “We’re not down hearted. Everybody railed round [on] Monday afternoon [and] Tuesday morning.

“There is an element in which we feel there’s a need to punish young people that do this but there’s also a real need for us to try and find out who they are and engage in them and get them involved in the project.”

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Mr Rundall added: “Lots of local people have offered their assistance. The response from the community has been great.”

Teachers and pupils from local Valley Park school offered their time to help out as well as many others.

Produce grown by volunteers was given to food banks and community lunch groups. The centre is also host to youth clubs, adult educational classes and employment support.

Mr Rundall said they are aiming to raise funds to paint the fence that surrounds the garden with anti-climb paint.

South Yorkshire Police’s crime scene investigators are trying to track down the culprits but told Mr Rundall it is “highly unlikely” they will be able to get them.

The group posted on Twitter: “If you know anything about the incident or can help us with re-building etc, please get in touch.”

Mr Rundall said People can get in touch by emailing

Written by Rhiannon Cook

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