Woman charged for assaulting her boyfriend

28 February 2019


A woman assaulted her boyfriend then attempted to hurt herself with two large kitchen knives, Sheffield magistrates court heard.

Nicole Crossmore, 26, of Wingfield Road, Rotherham, is charged with beating boyfriend and father of her child Jordan Rymill on Tuesday.

The couple had an argument regarding their daughter earlier that day. Crossmore then asked Mr Rymill to leave, said Mr Hughes

Shepherd Smith, defending, said that the knives were not directed at her partner, since there were no knives used during the incident with Mr Rymill.

She came to her car to harm herself, he said.

Crossmore suffers from unstable emotional personal disorder and has taken medication for it, he said.

Mr Smith told the court that she has accepted that she can quickly change.

She appears in court this afternoon for sentencing.

Written by Monica Kutrowski

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