Yorkshire’s new mega-prison faces strong opposition

28 February 2019

A Sheffield ex-convict has slammed plans to expand the UK’s jail system with a new mega-prison in Yorkshire.

Rough plan of Yorkshire’s mega prison

Kyle Major who has served time in a UK Close Supervision Centre, believes that prison is doing the opposite of rehabilitation for prisoners.

Kyle said: “Basically, the prison system puts people in cages and that does not solve problems such as drug-taking, fighting, self-harm or sexual assault.”  

According to a mental health report of offenders and ex-offenders, new prisons are potentially imprisoning over a thousand individuals with complex needs such as homelessness, substance misuse and mental health issues.

In fact, it is stated that most incarcerated people find themselves returning to the behaviour that saw them imprisoned in the first place.

The Community Action on Prison Expansion (CAPE) group has been actively campaigning for solidarity to help fight the expansions of prisons in the UK.

They believe that the development of the new prison could have serious repercussions for locals and those who have been harmed by the prison system.

The Environmental Health Department at East Riding of Yorkshire Council has identified the site where the prison is intended to be built as contaminated land.

This would mean that any potential development on the site would affect the health and safety of both the construction workers building the new compound and the prisoners who will move there.

Although many local campaigners have protested against the development of the new prison, plans are going ahead as prison profiteers do not seem to be backing down.

CAPE is currently working on building a broader movement for prison abolition in the hopes of achieving real social justice.

Written by Ynez Wahab

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