Calls to make Sheffield carbon neutral by 2030

A petition has been shown to the council, calling for Sheffield to become carbon neutral by 2030 instead of 2050.

The campaign, which has 857 signatures, was started by a plastic free shop called Unwrapped.

The petition states that the council’s plan to take six months to decide the date which sheffield will be carbon neutral, is too late.

It also wants the council to change the date to 2030.

Dr Rebecca Atkinson, 35, who works at the plastic free shop in Crookes, addressed the council on Wednesday to tell them that if the world heats up by 1.5ºC, the results will be catastrophic.

She said: “Leadership from central government is non existent. When school kids strike outside of council they are looking for you to represent them.”

“I want my children to grow up in a world that I have known and loved.”

Whilst addressing the council, Dr Atkinson fainted.

After coming back around, she restarted her campaign to the council.

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for Environment and Streetscene, said: “I do believe it is important to put pressure on central government to take action on climate change.”

Unwrapped is totally plastic free and encourages customers to use refillable containers.

Available to purchase at the shop are loose goods such as grains and pasta as well as washing up liquids and soaps.

Written by Craig Norris

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