Exclusions leading pupils to crime

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner signed a letter of warning addressed to the Prime Minister today after knife crime numbers soar.


The letter is hoping to put in place tougher restrictions on pupil exclusions and is hoping to outlaw “the practice of off-rolling.”


Off-rolling is a method schools have been accused of using which involves excluding problematic students so that the school’s exam results are improved.


Police and Crime Commissioners believe that excluding difficult pupils from school has a negative impact on young people and is pushing them towards anti-social behaviour.


Last year South Yorkshire Police recorded 977 knife crime offences. With incidents of violence more than doubling since 2015 according to statistics from the ONS.


Rob Murphy, Councillor for the Green Party, said: “It’s not as simple as more police, there must be more done for prevention proposals for less exclusions in schools which is the first step for disenfranchised people.”


UKIP policy for prevention of knife crime includes the introduction of more gyms and boxing clubs into the local area.


At a council meeting on the 6th March 2019 UKIP councillor Jack Clarkson said: “Boxing isn’t a violent sport but a great way for young people to let out aggression in a controlled way.”


The Department of Education is hoping to improve support for excluded students by investing £4 million to help excluded students.


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