Sheffield firefighters rescue man from blaze

7 March 2019

Sheffield firefighters this morning rescued a man from his flat while a fire raged below.

Fire crews were called to the flat fire this morning on Firshill Close, Sheffield.

Crews from Elm Lane, Central and Rotherham stations were called at approximately 5:40am.

Upon arrival the first floor flat was well alight. Firefighters quickly established there was no one inside the flat, however, the occupant in the flat above was trapped due to smoke.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus went up to the second floor flat and led the occupant down the stairs to safety.

Firefighters were then able to extinguish the fire using two hose reels.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue commented that, “The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing, however, it is believed to be accidental.”

Written by Alfie Robinson

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